TV Actress Helps Refugees in Greece

TV Actress Helps Refugees in Greece

By Associated Press comment TV Actress Helps Refugees in Greece

A recent, less-than-relaxing vacation to Greece inspired TV actress Milana Vayntrub to help with the refugee crisis.

By Andy Dabilis comment Greek Graffiti: The Anti-Austerity Writing’s on the Wall, Messages of Anger

ATHENS – Graffiti – whether erotic or angry scrawled and artistic rages against society or rulers – is

By Associated Press comment Greek Ambassador Returns to Vienna

VIENNA— The Greek Ambassador Chryssoula Aliferi returned to Austria on Wednesday, formally ending the strain in the relationship between the

By THE NATIONAL HERALD STAFF comment Brawls in Greece Refugee Camps

More battles broke out in Greek camps holding 54,000 refugees and migrants stranded by the suspension of an

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TV Actress Helps Refugees in Greece Wednesday, May 11, 2016 | By Associated Press 0 comment Actress Milana Vayntrub Related

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