Obama Speaks at Rutgers Graduation

Obama Speaks at Rutgers Graduation

By Associated Press comment Trump-on Key Issues, Sounds Like a Dem

NEW YORK— With Republicans still skeptical of his presidential candidacy, Donald Trump will have a challenge with right-wing

By Associated Press comment Obama Speaks at Rutgers Graduation

WASHINGTON— President Barack Obama urged the Rutgers University class of 2016 to pursue positive change in the

By Associated Press comment New Website Brings Germans and Refugees Together

BERLIN— As Europe struggles to deal with the refugee crisis, enterprising individuals are developing new ways of dealing

By Associated Press comment Hillary Doesn't Excite Her Fans

Compared to the rock star shows of Republican Donald Trump or her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton's

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Obama Speaks at Rutgers Graduation Sunday, May 15, 2016 | By Associated Press 0 comment Obama Habits Related

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