The Clinton 2 for 1 Presidency Idea

The Clinton 2 for 1 Presidency Idea

By Associated Press comment The Clinton 2 for 1 Presidency Idea

HOPKINSVILLE, KY— As the Kentucky primary looms, the notion of a 2-for-1 Clinton presidency has returned. Recalling sunnier days

By Associated Press comment Atlanta Symphony Bassist Dies Onstage

ATLANTA— Bassist Jane Little of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, spent a world record 71 years with a single orchestra, collapsed onstage during a performance and passed away. She was 87

By Associated Press comment Congress to Finally Fund Zika Battle

WASHINGTON— After a considerable delay, Congress is ready to act on President Barack Obama's request for emergency funds

By Associated Press comment Divers Find Sunken Roman Treasure

CAESAREA, Israel— Ancient artifacts hidden for centuries beneath the sea were discovered by chance when two Israeli

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The Clinton 2 for 1 Presidency Idea Monday, May 16, 2016 | By Associated Press 0 comment

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